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Pac Pear of Salamanca by Dieultimatetroll Pac Pear of Salamanca :icondieultimatetroll:Dieultimatetroll 3 0 Ask The Crew: Numbah 1 by Dieultimatetroll Ask The Crew: Numbah 1 :icondieultimatetroll:Dieultimatetroll 0 2
A Normal Monday: Chapter 1.4: Tammy
He landed at the front door. He could just have walked there… but the director would’ve recognize him and called the security. He disguised himself and walked back there. And of course, they started to talk again.
Before he entered, he burned a pizza he found earlier, the voice stopped talking of shock.
He entered the asylum and the receptionist recognize the disguise:
- Miss Monro, welcome back.
4 nodded at her, walking to her office.
He walked back to the elevator. While his journey to the director’s office was taking place, he retired his disguise and hacked the cameras.
The elevator stopped working and by the window in the elevator, he saw the little Tammy being paranoid in her cell. She saw 4 in the elevator and he waved at her, Tammy smiled and did a cute face at 4. He smiled, he missed her. Little Tammy was one of his oldest friends. The second sister of the family that was the Founders. He wanted to save her, now. But the quota of time was e
:icondieultimatetroll:Dieultimatetroll 0 0
Ask the crew ( Animation ) by Dieultimatetroll Ask the crew ( Animation ) :icondieultimatetroll:Dieultimatetroll 0 5 Ben's Pacifist Dance by Dieultimatetroll Ben's Pacifist Dance :icondieultimatetroll:Dieultimatetroll 1 1
A Normal Monday: Chapter 1.3: Brian
4, Dany and Mindy saw an abandoned building. Ben would’ve been dumb at the point of choosing the only abandoned building in the town, which is the old building of the asylum 4 have build. They saw an juggalo being throwed out of the top of the building.
- Guys. Guuuuuys, said 4 in an cute voice.
- What is it mate? responded the others with cute voices.
- Did you think the juggalos dumbasses pushed Brian?  
- Yesh, they said with cute voices and faces.
en looked terrified.
any, who have saw that, took that at an advantage:
- Like this is not he could remember EVERYTHING on ANY timeline, right?
4 understood what was going on, replied:
- Oh sure he does. And he remembers EVERY DETAIL EVERYONE DID IN EVERY TIMELINE.
Ben almost peed his pants. He took Mindy and pointed a gun at her head.
4 decided to enter and go upstairs, Dany waited at the door, waiting for Brian.
He got in the room with the sweet sound of limbs being ripped off of fresh bodi
:icondieultimatetroll:Dieultimatetroll 0 0
Ravage 2.0 (Chibi ) by Dieultimatetroll Ravage 2.0 (Chibi ) :icondieultimatetroll:Dieultimatetroll 0 0
Mature content
A Normal Monday: Chapter 1.2: Mindy Tobie :icondieultimatetroll:Dieultimatetroll 0 0
Le Gasp by Dieultimatetroll Le Gasp :icondieultimatetroll:Dieultimatetroll 1 0 MiRaClEs by Dieultimatetroll MiRaClEs :icondieultimatetroll:Dieultimatetroll 1 0 Gamzee Makara 2.0 by Dieultimatetroll Gamzee Makara 2.0 :icondieultimatetroll:Dieultimatetroll 3 0 Lightning by Dieultimatetroll Lightning :icondieultimatetroll:Dieultimatetroll 2 2 Chef by Dieultimatetroll Chef :icondieultimatetroll:Dieultimatetroll 2 2
Mature content
A Normal Monday : Chapter 1.1: Dany Miller :icondieultimatetroll:Dieultimatetroll 0 2
A Normal Monday : Prologue : 21 December 2020
The man woke up by his white dog named Mortis. He was a bit confused by the sudden brutal awaken. He got up of as we can call a rest of bed and got out of his little room. He walked up to his kitchen to eat a bowl of cereals. When he took the milk, he noticed the carton was empty. Fucking roommate. By the time he took a new carton, his other dog came by. A black dog name Tormentum. Tormentum was looking at the calendar, the man… ‘‘The man is named 4 fucking narrator’’. So, 4 looked at the calendar to see the date. The 21 December. ‘‘Fuck’’. He ate his cereals like a machine and ran to his shower.
4 is a 44 years old Quebecer male with a strange body and a dark past. His long black hair and his white skin doesn’t make him very discreet. His eyes are bloody red and he has a white iris and a dark red iris. His lips are so thin that when he closes his mouth, it doesn’t look like he has one. His clothes are extremely… s
:icondieultimatetroll:Dieultimatetroll 2 10
My life is complete by Dieultimatetroll My life is complete :icondieultimatetroll:Dieultimatetroll 1 0


I like this sheet, in fact if i do a sheet for my characters, i'll be inspired by this one. It's awesome. How the character is made, th...

It's awesome like shit ! Really, i think it's the first people on this site who've done an awesome tooth fairy monster like this. I ral...


Colorful demon by Nasuki100 Colorful demon :iconnasuki100:Nasuki100 115 4 Savage Devil by Mickeymonster Savage Devil :iconmickeymonster:Mickeymonster 196 48 Lingering Wrath by Mickeymonster Lingering Wrath :iconmickeymonster:Mickeymonster 105 8 Operation Pasta-Void by TheComicGuys Operation Pasta-Void :iconthecomicguys:TheComicGuys 39 4 Seal with it by NPC-Jes Seal with it :iconnpc-jes:NPC-Jes 39 6 Karkat and Gamzee Hug by The-EverLasting-Ash Karkat and Gamzee Hug :iconthe-everlasting-ash:The-EverLasting-Ash 3,001 166 BL4H by happy-eevee BL4H :iconhappy-eevee:happy-eevee 52 4 Cheers, Love! The death is here! by Neexz Cheers, Love! The death is here! :iconneexz:Neexz 1,268 57 Die by wlop Die :iconwlop:wlop 11,137 414 Bendy and the Ink Machine by WalkingMelonsAAA Bendy and the Ink Machine :iconwalkingmelonsaaa:WalkingMelonsAAA 3,635 179 It's someone's final battle by SafireJais It's someone's final battle :iconsafirejais:SafireJais 8 18 Rising Ink - Bendy the Ink Demon by WalkingMelonsAAA Rising Ink - Bendy the Ink Demon :iconwalkingmelonsaaa:WalkingMelonsAAA 3,102 88 Royal Dinner by Moonshen Royal Dinner :iconmoonshen:Moonshen 3,850 112 Dreams come true  by white-painter Dreams come true :iconwhite-painter:white-painter 4 0 BATIM: Bendy the demon sketches random by LINDURITALINDA BATIM: Bendy the demon sketches random :iconlinduritalinda:LINDURITALINDA 523 47 Hero by Wazzaldorp Hero :iconwazzaldorp:Wazzaldorp 158 9



Chapter 1 is finished.

The people who'll be featured in the book are getting real close to getting in. Don't worry. =p
Hello, a quick update to say that I'm currently redoing my story: A Normal Monday, and I'll post it on my second account with the rest of my stories related to this universe.

Link to my second account: HUKMPr0ducti0ns 
I finished Life Is Strange... fucking hell this game is sad. Which choice did you made at the end if you have finished the game ? I've picked the town. 

1. do you have a favorite sweater?
I have a pink sheep sweater. It's too short for me now but I still have it.

2. what’s your middle name?
I don't have one

3.  do you still talk to the first person you kissed?

4.  do you get on with your grandpa?
fuck yeah :D

5. what was your favorite cartoon as a kid?
I think it was Johnny Test but I'm not sure.

6. what’s your favourite cartoon now?
Rick and Morty and South Park

7. do you read the news paper?

8. who was the last text you sent to?
A human being

9. what does the last text you sent say?
A rp quote

10. if you could have any hair colour what would it be?
I dunno actually, maybe ginger.

11. do you like nature documentaries?
I love it

12. what is your aesthetic?

13. when did you last pet a dog?
About a week

14. whose friend’s parents do you like the most?
My guy  best friend's parents

15. have you ever been on a road trip?

16. tell me about someone you know called emma
The only Emma I know is fucking mean 

17. are you reading a book in english class, what is it?

18. do you have a favourite aunt?
My father's sister

19. baths or showers?
both, Shower is quick but baths are more relaxing

20. skiing or sun bathing?
Gaming XD

21. do you kill spiders?
Nope. Cause I want to see the peoples who fear spiders to kill them so they can come over their fear. Know what I'm saying ?

22. have you ever made an ice pop?

23. are you wearing shoes right now?

24. tell me about your favourite primary school/elementary school teacher
Her name was Nancy

25. who was the last person you hugged?
My sis

26. do you wear glasses?


27. do you have a cat?
3 kutties :D

28. do you have a favorite pair of underwear?
whut ?

29. what was your last tweet?
I dunno, it's been a while since I was there.

30. do you still use facebook?
I use it when I have nothing to do.

31. do you like birds?

32. who was the last person you called cute?
a friend

33. who was the last person that called you cute?
Dunno man.

34. how did you meet your best friend?
On MSN, nobody remember that don't they ? XD

35. escalators or elevators?
Escalators, fuck elevators.

36. are you named after anyone, who?

 37. what was your first url?

whut ?
38. Autumn or winter?

39. do you win at scrabble?
Never played that

40. put your ipod on shuffle , who is the first song that comes up by?
mIrAcLeS by tobyfox

41. have you ever drunk from a mason jar?

42. can you draw?

43. what was your first profile picture?
On what ? 

44. favourite tshirt?
Ironic tees

45. best tumblr friend?
not a triggered person.

46. when did you last run?
I wasn't born.

47. do you like to paint your nails?
Whut ?

48. did you ever do something as a kid that got you into loads of trouble?
Fuck yeah.

49. who is your favorite dog that isn’t yours?
Maggeh SafireJais 

50. have you ever been drunk?

51. have you ever done something you regret while drunk?

52. do you want to kiss anyone right now?
fuck no

53. do/did you like you math teacher?

54. do you often ride the bus?
1 week of two. 

55. do you have a fireplace in your house?
nope, I would like to thought

56. are you violent when you’re angry?

It depends 

57. do you cry when you’re angry?

58. favourite Harry potter book?
The 4th one

59. can you remember your last dream?
I was chilling with my OC's. It was cool.

60. do you go to bed early or late?

Too late.

61. do you speak a second language?
Well, English and I'm learning German 

62. who was your first ever best friend?
A guy named Felix

63. have you ever had an operation?
One for my ''amydales''

64. tell me about your favourite cousine

65. do you have a piece of clothing that doesn’t even fit you anymore but you can’t bare to throw away?
Yes ( see number 1 )

66. have you ever been in a musical?

67. do you have a porch?

68. how many times have you watched your favourite movie?
45 times

69. what do you order at mcdonalds?
2 mcdouble, 1 fish filet and a one big fry.

70. do you get on with old people?

71. science fiction or romance?
GuEsS iNvErTeRbRoThEr 

72. do you take naps?
I would like too but I can't fucking sleep.

73. how many classes do you/did you take in high school?

74. when did it last snow where you live?
it's snowing live

75. does it ever snow where you live?

76. how many months until your birthday?
about 7

77. how much charge does your computer have right now?
100 % 

78. what is your favourite disney channel movie?
Don't watch that.

79. the city or the sea side?
City, I like people, well... normal people.

80. what is your least favourite colour?
All colours are fucking amazing. I can't choose :(
81. do you have homework to do?
Yes but I'll do it later

82. are you still friends with your first best friend?

83. do you have/are you the gay cousin?

84. do you own dungarees?
whut ?

85. do you like to play sports?
Fuck no

86. what was your favourite ever christmas present?

A drawing table

87. how old are you?

88. what is your mum’s name?
Why should I tell you ?

89. do you ever use internet explorer?

90. have you ever had blonde hair?

91. is there a play park near your house?
yes but I loathe parks.

92. when did you last see the person you have a crush on?

93. who did you last talk to on the phone?

My sis

94. pants or dresses?


95. do you read fan fiction?

96. what is your favorite blog?

Don’t read those 

97. do you write poetry?
I sucks at poetry so np

98. drama or comedy?
I prefer comedy but I like both.

99. have you ever had a hickey?

100. tag people.

lielareaper DannysUniverse ( it's been a while since we talked :( ) Roseanna-Bludd  (You too T^T ) and of course HUKMPr0ducti0ns  lolitrollu 


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